Cat Ba Island situated in the world famous natural wonder Ha Long Bay is fast becoming the intrepid travellers preferred alternative to getting their glimpse of this mystical area of Vietnam.

The largest of 366 islands that make up the UNESCO World Heritage listed Cat Ba Archipelago Cat Ba Island has something to offer everyone whether it be the budget conscious backpacker or world jetsetter.

The 266 square kilometres are mostly made up of national park and boast some species that are not to be found anywhere else in the world including the elusive and highly endangered Cat Ba Langur which is said to be one of the most endangered primate species on the planet.

Take a boat trip on the bay, relax on the beach, trek through the national park or ride the long winding roads on a motorbike. Spend a day or two and you will soon realise you have only scratched the surface of one of Vietnams little treasures.

Peak season: April to Early September
Low Season: September to March

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(Thursday, 27/07/2017-23:00 PM)
  Khách sạn Lepont - Minh Châu trân trọng gửi tới Quý Khách lời chào trân trọng nhất! Kính chúc q

(Thursday, 27/07/2017-23:02 PM)
Khách sạn LePont Minh Châu xin thông báo bảng giá phòng hè 2016 (áp dụng từ 3/5/2016 đến 2/9/2016).

(Friday, 16/12/2016-07:15 AM)
Khách sạn LePont Minh Châu xin thông báo bảng giá phòng hè 2015 và các dịch vụ như sau ( áp dụng từ

(Friday, 16/12/2016-05:02 AM)
Hiện nay xu hướng du lịch biển đảo, tìm về những nơi còn giữ được nét hoang sơ, trở về với thiên nhi

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